Workbox Wednesday

Okay, yes I know it’s Thursday today, but from here on out these will be posted on Wednesdays. And I surely couldn’t call them Workbox Thursdays, now could I?! 😊😊 Okay, moving on…

I learned pretty quickly during this homeschool gig that if I wanted to get any kind of school work done with my 4 year old during the day, I was going to have to find some way to keep my 2 year old busy. They both nap at the same time so having her do her workbook while he was sleeping wasn’t an option. Expecting him to be content just playing with his toys while she & I worked was laughable! He wanted to be right in the mix, and really, I was fine with that. A few crayons & a coloring book did the trick for a bit, but soon, that wasn’t enough. He would be off making a huge mess, throwing Legos in the toilet, or camped out in front of the tv. I knew that I was going to have to make some special “school work” for him as well. I also knew I would have to change it up daily if I was going to keep my little guy interested.

So I picked out a few special things we already had at home that he really enjoyed doing, and then I picked up a few things from the Dollar Store & the Target dollar spot. To keep all of his stuff organized, I used slim, clear containers with a locking lids. Since Sissy and I usually sit down about 4 days a week to work in her workbooks, I made 4 separate boxes with a variety of different materials to keep him interested and to keep the items feeling “new” and “special.”


We never take out these toys just to play with. These are saved especially for Sissy’s sit down, school time, so they don’t get boring. I want to share all my boxes with you, because they have really been a lifesaver for me and have cut down on a lot of stress that I was feeling trying to keep my toddler entertained while doing school work. So, I’ll be doing a Workbox Wednesday series where every Wednesday I’ll share a new Workbox idea! These boxes are so great and really versatile. You can obviously tweak them any way you like, as I have picked things I know my son likes. I try to include something to color, sticker packs (as they are a great fine motor activity and Wubbs thinks they are so fun!), building materials, and homemade games, as well as other odds and ends that I think he will like.


This is our Monday box! As you can see, there’s a lot of different things inside and Wubbs just LOVES opening them up and go find out what treasures await. It’s like Christmas every day!!


In this particular box, I have placed crayons, a Paw Patrol coloring book, sticker pack & board book, all picked up at the Target Dollar Spot. He loves using our Melissa & Doug stamp set, so I put those in a baggie with a few extra stamp pads inside as well. Both of my kiddos have their own personal chalkboard to practice writing skills on, which seems to be more fun to them than just pencil and paper. I made a homemade fine motor game from large craft buttons which I got at Walmart and a plastic bowl with a lid set that I found at Kroger. I just cut a slit in the lid and he loves pushing the buttons into the bowl! I also made a homemade soft blocks game from cut up Dollar Tree sponges. I just cut them in long rows and he likes to stack them in the floor and kick them over. Which is great because they make NO NOISE when they fall!


These boxes keep his attention for at least 20 minutes, which is plenty of time for my daughter to get of her work done. However, sometimes they keep his attention for much, much longer and Sissy usually joins in when we’re finished.


These are great because he is in the action with us, I know he isn’t off getting into something he shouldn’t be in, and he isn’t zoned out in front of a cartoon. I will be sharing a workbox idea every Wednesday (for at least the next month!) so be sure to check back in next week for more fun ideas!

Thanks for visiting!!

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