Workbox Wednesday

It’s Workbox Wednesday and that means time to share another of my toddlers workboxes with all of you!


There is no shortage of superhero stuff around our house; My son is obsessed with them! So I picked a few board books, and a coloring book as well. I always pull out his action figures for some open ended play when I bring out this particular box. These action figures don’t stay in the box, they are his favorite toys so they are always available to him. He will usually end up going off on his own to play with these toys for a bit before coming back to color or paint.


Wubbs absolutely loves to paint! He usually does it on plain paper, but now’s he’s starting to really like to paint in his coloring books, so we will pull out some Iron Man pictures (his favorite!) and he will stay content painting for about half an hour. I just have to keep sprinkling the paints with water and he’s a happy little guy! This box also includes a truck puzzle, and his very own geoboard, since he loves Sissy’s so much. It’s a simple box, but this one keeps him busy and he really enjoys it! Just like with the previous workbox, we only use these during quiet times and we don’t use the same one often so that the toys inside stay new and fun!


I hope these give you a jumping off point to make your very own workboxes for your toddlers! Thank you for visiting!!


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